Connecting with God Through Prayer

Prayer is essential to connect with God and demonstrate our love for Him, our gratefulness, our desires, and to seek His guidance. Our Disciple Making team has recently published some wonderful articles on prayer which we have shared on our blog. We encourage you to take a look at these articles and consider how you can use prayer to connect with people of peace during the Christmas season.

5 Real Life Stories on Prayer

Meet Our VP DMM of the Americas

Caleb Southerland candidly shares his experience with prayer and his desire for you: Caleb’s Article

He also recently sent out a team update with stories from the field as well as upcoming events. As Caleb points out, “God is truly amazing how he has opened communities for us to train and equip local leaders to make disciples.” Read More



Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28: 19

Making Prayerful Connections

Making Prayerful Connections After spending 9-weeks in Africa, I was praying during the long nighttime flight home. My prayers for part of the night, “Lord bring me someone who doesn’t even know where Genesis is in the Bible,” and, “Lord, how can I reach someone in my...
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Confession: I Struggle with Prayer

Confession: I Struggle with Prayer Sorry, I should introduce myself. My name is Caleb Southerland, the new VP of Disciple Making Movements of the Americas here at Cityteam. I’m extremely excited about joining this team and the legacy of this organization, and what is...
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Lupe – Person of Peace

I met Lupe through Cityteam’s Back to School event that serves thousands of families and communities in the Bay Area. Lupe was from Gonzales, CA, a small farm worker’s community. As I got to know her, I noticed her kindness and ability to get along with everyone; I...
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