Cityteam Mission Statement

In obedience to the teaching of Jesus Christ, we will love God, love our neighbors, and go make disciple makers in our local communities and around the world.

mission-diagramThe Heart of the Matter

When we love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, we grow to recognize that everyone is part of his creation. Cityteam is passionate about helping people just like yourself  live out your faith in both the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). Cityteam is a place where you can serve, donate, and become equipped to love your neighbor.

At Cityteam we seek to passionately transform the lives of individuals, their families and communities locally and around the world. Cityteam trains and equips local believers to meet felt needs, engage families with the Bible, and establish communities of baptized believers. Cityteam’s iDisciple team is dedicated to mobilizing, training, equipping and coaching Disciple Making Movements. Our goal is to reach thousands of unbelievers in North, Central, and South America. You can play a vital role in being a part of our support team.



As God reveals a leader within a community, a Disciple Making coach trains and equips that leader to form a group within their social community. This might be with friends, co-workers or family members. The group starts an interaction with God’s Word by studying a passage of scripture. Cityteam calls these groups Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). The format is simple: What does the passage say? How would you say that in your own words? What will you do in response to that passage? Lastly, who can you tell about the passage so another group can start a DBS.

Without any formal structure, this simple process gets ordinary people interacting with God’s Word, obeying His will, and encouraging their friends and family to do the same so a replication process occurs. This is the foundation that “movements” are built on. No matter what country, language or culture, people share and discover who God is together. Once there are 100 groups gathering then a “movement” has started.

God’s plan to complete the Great Commission is to use ordinary people like yourself to multiply disciples in their natural networks. That same Great Commission applies to individuals as well as churches. To finish the task, the Gospel must spread simply, quickly, accurately, naturally, and cheaply, just like it did in the beginning.

The DMM Process

When you hear that somethign is having an almost unbelievable impact, the natural questions is, “How does it work?” The DMM process is truly simple, sustainable, and scalable – like a chain with 5 links:

  1. Community Engagement : build relationships, not barriers
  2. Person of Peace : relationships are key to finding the one that Luke 10 calls the “Man of Peace”
  3. Discovery & Obedience : Introducing God and His will for mankind through the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) process
  4. Leaders & Church Planting : Through obedience to God, new leaders emerge
  5. Reproduction : New leaders become Disciples who are also making Disciples

It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough. – Luke 13:21

Cityteams Core DMM Values
  1. Power of Prayer. Apart from prayer we lack the power, God’s power to accomplish the tasks He calls us to do. Without prayer we cannot move forward.
  2. Where is God working? Getting in sync with where God is working or intending to work is fundamental to our ministry engagement. We are not so much looking to make something happen as we are to discovering what God is up to and playing the role He calls for us to play.
  3. Kingdom Ministry. We seek to be about kingdom ministry, not building organizations, denominations, or existing churches. As we train, coach, and engage with partners this must be one of the shared values.
  4. Catalytic.  While engaged in activities at the grassroots level that lead to the emergence of church and church planting movements, we focus primarily on igniting the flame within others to use their capacity and capability to launch CPM in their respective communities.
  5. What Will it Take? Rather than “what are we able to do?” or even “What do we think we might be able to stretch for?” we are driven by the idea of “what will it take to get the job done?” Getting the job done is defined by catalyzing hundreds of church planting movements that will saturate the countries of North America with biblical churches.
  6. Partnership. “Getting the job done,” is way beyond the capacity of any one organization. Partnership, based on a CPM ministry philosophy is our fundamental mode of operation.
  7. Coaching. Aware that we are working primarily with partners who come, as we have, from a very different paradigm of church and church planting, we understand that basic training alone is not usually sufficient to help people develop and engage in a whole new paradigm of church and church planting. Thus, consistent and effective coaching is an essential component of our strategy.
  8. We are learners. In many places in the world church planting has advanced beyond where we are at in North America in terms of effective strategy. Turning the table of missions where we in the West learn from our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world is a core value.
  9. Strong Missional North American Church. At the same time, a strong missional church in North America can continue to play a valuable role is serving our fellow Christians in other parts of the world, particularly in playing a supporting role as these “majority” world Christians reach out to under-reached people groups.
  10. Success is measured in terms of movements, not churches. Thousands of churches is not the goal, per se. Rather a replication process of churches planting churches is the fundamental goal.

How Can You Help?

The Great Commission is a massive task and it is only getting harder to do in today’s society, but we are not alone. Making disciples is ultimately God’s work, and He is on the move! He has chosen to accomplish this task by working through His church and that includes all of us.


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