Caleb Southerland

I often ask myself “what changes a city”, I believe in DMM because I believe it changes the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual dynamics of a city.

David Watson

My DMM passion? Being a disciple who makes disciples.

Richard Williams

My DMM passion? To see the Great Commission fulfilled within our lifetime by seeing replication of disciples throughout the world.

Trudy Read

Disciple Making is following the New Testament pattern of obeying the great commission. With that being true I cannot not be a disciple maker.

Hermie Smit

DMM is not the only way to make disciples, but it’s the best way I have seen and experienced to multiply disciples and bring transformation to individuals, families and communities in a scalable and sustainable manner.

Ricardo Pineda

Following Jesus in truth and obedience has transformed my life and I’m so grateful to God for that, that I want as many people possible to experience the same and DMM provides me the vehicle to do that.

Pamela Eno

I love to see people fall in love with Jesus and being a part of their journey!

Jim & Cindy Lilly

Delighting our Father in Heaven by bringing people to become disciples of Jesus.

Elmer Lopez

DMM is the perfect equation to build something spectacular: Great Commandment + Great Commission = Great Community.

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