Confession: I Struggle with Prayer

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Confession: I Struggle with Prayer

Sorry, I should introduce myself. My name is Caleb Southerland, the new VP of Disciple Making Movements of the Americas here at Cityteam. I’m extremely excited about joining this team and the legacy of this organization, and what is to come through God orchestrating His plan through us.

Back to my confession. I was a pastor for 8 years. I preached about prayer, prayed during Sunday gatherings, encouraged prayer, created prayer strategies, and even hosted prayer gatherings. However, prayer never came easy, was always a chore, and to be honest (shhhh), “I didn’t enjoy it.” I’m sure my Christian credentials just got downgraded. I kid, but truth be told it really was difficult and I know it is for many of you as well.

My turning point was during a conversation with a good friend over breakfast. He discussed how prayer is a gift from God to him. It sounded so simple, but this was a massive revelation to my prayer journey. On the drive home, I turned off the radio and began thinking deeply on prayer as a gift. If it is, what would
it change?

Sitting in the car, I began to see I was given the gift to talk personally and intimately to the Creator of the world. No longer was prayer a discipline, but instead shifted in my life from routine to relationship, chore to choice, and discipline to desire. God was no longer someone I put on my schedule, but a close friend who I shared life with, confided in, repented to, sought wisdom from, and deeply cherished.

We are each given this gift from God. In the book Contagious Disciple Making, the authors write: “a prayer movement precedes every Disciple Making Movement.” And the first step to a prayer movement is becoming people of prayer. It is my personal prayer that you will accept the gift God has given us and become a person of prayer.

Welcome to the team!

Please join us in welcoming our new VP of DMM of the Americas, Caleb Southerland. Caleb was born and raised in Irving, TX. He attended Texas Tech University and earned a BBA in Business Management. Caleb was licensed for ministry in Stafford, VA at Mt. Ararat Church before returning to Dallas to study at Dallas Theology Seminary where he received a Master of Theology in Pastoral Leadership. During this season, he began an extended journey into DMM. He researched DMM while planting Urban Hills Church. The DMM DNA began to work itself out in his life and ministry. After a brief stint in the corporate world, in Palo Alto, CA; Caleb immersed himself in DMM as a field missionary for Cityteam. He later Co-founded Contagious Disciple Making to begin the work of seeing movements in cities across North America. Caleb and his wife Lindsey live in Hurst, TX with their four boys: Jaxon, Ayden, Grayson, & Hudson.

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