Disciple Making Movements Update 2016

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We praise God for what He has done through Disciple Making Movements throughout the Americas. More than 3,000 new Discovery Bible Studies were launched in 2015 – bringing the current total to 4,850. Thousands of people are now regularly meeting to study God’s Word together, to share their lives, and to work together to spread the Good News to others. (Vignette of someone in a DBS.)

During the past year, we have seen exponential growth in Cuba and Mexico where more than one hundred new Discovery groups have begun. Some of these groups have already launched new groups and some of those have started new groups. When the process reaches third generation like this with more than one hundred groups, we refer to it as a movement. As these groups mature, new churches begin to emerge. Our goal is that these movements will launch in all the areas where God has called us so that the ministry can continue to grow in a self-sustaining way. Movements are also underway in California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Missouri and Wisconsin, Nicaragua, Haiti, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Some of the special projects we are working on in 2016 include bringing the DMM training online, launching an urban strategy with teams in North American cities, and developing a process to help the Discovery Groups mature as they form new communities of Christ followers.

Please pray for our Disciple Making Movements team as they continue to train, equip, and coach people throughout the Americas to find persons of peace, start Discovery Bible Studies, and help these new groups of believers become the church in their communities or networks of relationships.

I continue to be amazed at the way God is using ordinary people, at home and across the world, to make disciples who make disciples that lead to church. Our neighbors, co-workers and friends are discovering God on their own, through His Word. Partner with us – continue to watch and see what God is doing in the Americas as His story unfolds.

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