Lupe – Person of Peace

by | Person of Peace, Ricardo Pineda

I met Lupe through Cityteam’s Back to School event that serves thousands of families and communities in the Bay Area. Lupe was from Gonzales, CA, a small farm worker’s community. As I got to know her, I noticed her kindness and ability to get along with everyone; I noticed she was a “Person of Peace”.

She was spiritually hungry and I started sharing with her through Discovery Bible Studies with the help of training leaders at Cityteam. She then decided to start a Discovery Group of her own with her parents and her children, but her husband, Pedro, was not interested. During the group meetings, he would leave the house or go into his room to avoid the studies, but he couldn’t help but notice the positive transformation in his wife and kids. He finally decided to go to the group, but would only listen and not participate. Within a few weeks, he was fully engaged in studying God’s Word with his family.

Pedro was carrying a lot of hatred in his heart and especially hated his neighbor, Noel. The animosity between them affected their kids, who were in a Discovery Group for children together. Noel’s daughter began to share what she was learning with her dad and how God was changing her as she applied these things to her life. Noel wanted to meet Raul, the leader of his daughter’s group. Raul, an intern at Cityteam, took the opportunity to disciple Noel and his family with the Discovery Bible Study process.

As God continued to transform the families of Noel and Pedro, the conflict between them seemed to grow smaller and smaller. The two families eventually became great friends and invited other neighbors into their homes to discover God together. This group gathers weekly and a church was birthed because Lupe took the first step in discovering and sharing God’s Word with her family.

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