Making Prayerful Connections

Jim Lilly, Prayer

Making Prayerful Connections

After spending 9-weeks in Africa, I was praying during the long nighttime flight home. My prayers for part of the night, “Lord bring me someone who doesn’t even know where Genesis is in the Bible,” and, “Lord, how can I reach someone in my community in the USA?”

The following Saturday I was sharing stories of disciple-making with my men’s group when a new server, at the restaurant where we meet, came into the room. He halted repeatedly to listen to what was being said and then stopped altogether to listen to what I was saying.

I introduced myself afterwards to “John” and he told me his story: “I was released on probation two years ago and finished drug rehab a year ago. I’ve been clean since, but have been living with some of my old gang. A couple weeks ago I had a dream where a person told me my apartment was going to be raided that night. In the morning I told my roommates, who laughed at me. That night I slept at my brother’s and my apartment was raided. All of my friends were put in jail for drug possession. This morning I was awakened by another dream where a voice told me, be alert because today you will meet a man who will change your life.”

Later, when John and I met for our first Discovery Bible Study, I asked him to open his Bible to Genesis. John’s response was, “Where is that?” I recalled my prayer as I was flying back from South Africa, reminding me of God’s power to connect us.

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