Re-Engaging Jamaica

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Re-Engaging Jamaica

Four years ago, Cityteam first engaged Jamaica after an invitation from Delroy (a Jamaican now living in Philadelphia). They led a training in the city of Portmore, at Pastor Arrol Henry’s church. During the training, Arrol sat in the back of the room taking notes while not participating in any of it. A few weeks later, he began asking questions and exploring more of DMM. He had pastored his church for over 15 years and was running about 100 people. However, In the first few months that followed, he began making a switch to DMM. Two years later, he had over 60 groups discovering God (representing over 1,000 unbelievers) spread out over several cities.

However, the movement slowed drastically when our two key leaders were hit with cancer. Richard Williams, Cityteam Disciple Making Coach, and Pastor Arrol both endured a tough battle. Two years later, they are both healed cancer survivors and ready to go. We received several requests from organizations and churches to re-engage. So Richard Williams, Delroy, and I went on an evaluation and exploration trip to see what was happening and if it was ready for us start back again.

To our surprise, there were even more people ready to get rolling. We were asked by an organization called “Hands Across Jamaica” who works to get Discovery Bible Studies into the schools. We’ve developed a 2-year strategy (starting in January 2017) to train more people, launch more teams, pilot a 6-month DBS program in 9 schools, and catalyze movement in more cities and parishes across Jamaica. We are beyond excited to see God working there and encouraged by their faith in Jamaica. Below are some of the photos from our trip.

The movement in Jamaica and re-engaging Jamaica is possible because of the donors we are so grateful to have supporting us. Would you consider supporting Cityteam DMM of the Americas and help us continue catalyzing movements on behalf of God’s Kingdom?

From Drug-Gun Rings to Church Planter

Meet O’Neil; a former gangster who two years ago was running a drug-gun ring at this table, was befriended by Arrol (read his story below). Arrol spent months simply building a relationship with him, letting him know he cared, and eventually led him to discover Jesus through DBS. When Jesus saved him, he immediately gave up his ganger life, quit selling guns and drugs. With seven kids (at the time, now 9), it was a huge faith step to not have any income. Now, he leads a Discovery Bible Study in his community on that same table.

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