What Difference Can You Make?

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I met Angela in 2008. She lived in an apartment complex for immigrants. When I met her she was helping to raise her grandchildren and had just stopped working at a hotel chain as a housekeeper. Through our distribution of food boxes and school backpacks at Cityteam San Francisco, we started building a relationship, but God called us to more than feeding her body and supplying her needs. We showed her God’s love and built a deep friendship.

After building that relationship and following God’s call to make disciples we introduced Angela to a Spanish speaking disciple who was willing to share through a Cityteam Discovery Bible Study (DBS). Angela was eager to discover for herself what God’s Word had for her. She started reading her Bible and doing what it said; that was in 2009. She asked to be baptized and started sharing with other family and friends.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, 40 Discovery Groups sprang up because of Angela’s leadership. In December 2010, Angela went back to Nicaragua to visit family over Christmas. She had a passion to share God’s Word and truth with everyone. Before she left Nicaragua, 4 Discovery Groups had started. Five years later, out of those 4 groups, more than 400 Discovery Groups have started with
an average of 18 people per group.

We are all called to make disciples who make disciples. It doesn’t take a PHD or even a high school diploma.

What difference can you make for the kingdom?

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